Carriage Bolts are designed to be used in applications that require a low profile head and the Grade 8 strength level ensures that the carriage bolts will hold up in the most demanding applications. Popular applications include plow blade bolts, curb guard bolts and shaker screen assemblies. The low profile head and a fastener that can be installed from the nut side of the assembly make this style fastener useful in many applications.

Carriage Bolts:

Major Diameter: M6 ~ M30

Length: Up to 200 mm  (some items are available up to 300 mm)

Nut / Washer: M3 ~ M30

Carriage bolts have a dome shaped head and square neck, and are generally used in 

wood-to-wood construction like docks & outdoor decks, but they are also a great

option for metal-to-wood joining.