Model : ZE-WS001

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Bugle Head Wood Screws featuring a low profile appearance for general purpose wood-to-wood connectors.

Fasten various wood decking including cedar, redwood and preservative-treated woods


Washer Head Wood Screws are ideal for deck ledgers and other wood-to-wood connections.

Washer Head is an ideal alternative to traditional lag screws and through-bolts. It is easy for cabinet installation.


Hex Head Wood Screws are ideal for deck ledgers and various connector installations.

Hex Head is ideal for numerous framing applications. It can be used in wood-to-wood and metal-to-wood applications. 

Wood screws for metal sheets are fully threaded with a long and defined point. They are mainly used for fixing and attaching metal roofing, purlins or for other metal to metal application depending on their size and strength.


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